What CCP does

CCP (Community Crime Prevention) is a 24 hour community response team responding to all emergencies and calls for help.

CCP (click for more)
  • Respond to on average 100 calls a month
  • Patrols 400 hours a month
  • 4000 km driven per month

CCP does visible patrolling in high crime areas.

Since we have done these visible patrols, for example in the harbour on a Saturday and a Sunday, we have reduced muggings rates to zero.

CCP maps crime data

As crime is always moving and we share our intel, this means our partnering SSP`s are aware of hot spot areas and times, working those times and areas to reduce crime.

CCP is a neutral space

We have created an environment where all SSP`s work together and collaborate, they will still compete at a corporate level but on the ground CCP has provided a platform where they work as a team.

CCP keeps the public informed:

When there is a serious problem in the valley fire, flood, storm, riot etc, we will send out updates as they happen. We use radio, community WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Twitter and reach thousands of residents quickly.

CCP communicates with residents and gives them up to date communication to issues that directly affect their suburb.

CCP works with each area individually:

We work with each area or security estates to help them get the best information when it comes to crime patterns and escape routes, we will advise on guards, best spots for cameras, where to put physical barriers, who to monitor and who to respond.

CCP and SRAs

CCP works with different areas advising them and showing them how to start SRA’s. We will also be involved in the process of SRA’s.

CCP works with individual households:

We help and advises people on their security needs, we do security assessments on each household, and will advise of weak spots, everything from lights, fencing to alarms, to how to link to the greater community in a time of need.

CCP patrols at night

Our vehicles are working closely with the other SSP`s late into the night

CCP tracks through the mountains

We often have to track through the rain, wind and dark in the dead of winter, when we have seen criminals coming out for the night, we often spend nights chasing them for hours, when eventually they give up and go home for the night. We also spend many hours tracking criminals after they have broken in, sometimes catching them.

CCP warns the community

When there are scammers, in the form of AMT fraudster or teardrop hitchhiker, Facebook scammers, I have no petrol, Gardener from next door, etc we know them and will warn the community of them when they are in Hout Bay through our Facebook page or Whats app the area the scammer is working.

CCP works with social workers:

We work with an amazing social worker who helps rehabilitate children in conflict with the law or getting children back to their rightful guardians. We also work with fantastic workshops in the valley, that focus on activity to do with children, instead of them sitting idle.

CCP runs the Car Guard Project:

We have 30 registered Car Guards in Hout Bay, All these men and women have been vetted through SAPS, they are extra eyes and ears in different parts watching over not only vehicles. We have seen a massive drop in car break-ins and muggings due to this project.

CCP provides escorts into high-risk areas for medical services.

We escort fire and rescue and EMS into IY or Hangberg and protect them when they need it. We work with SAPS,

CCP works with SANPARKS

Missing hikers

Helping people to safety

CCP works with CPF

CCP has a good working relationship with CPF

CCP warns of incoming problems

Bad weather, for example, brings crime, we will warn people to remember to set their alarms and to lock up. If there is a problem in an area, we will message the area to put alarms on and dogs out.

CCP responses:

CCP responds to all calls for help throughout the valley.

CCP tips:

They are many ways to stay safe, we put out safety and security tips

What Watchcon Does

CCP runs the Watchcon control room, Watchcon is available 24 hrs a day,  Watchcon community control room coordinating response all emergencies. We are the First port of call in an emergency.

Watchcon (click for more)

Watchcon deals with:

  • All Crimes
  • Traffic
  • Snakes
  • Riots
  • Medical
  • Fire
  • Accidents
  • Municipal problems
  • Suspicious behavior
  • Domestics
  • Lost animals
  • Taxi violence
  • Floods and Mudslides
  • Storms
  • Drownings
  • Fallen trees
  • Lost property

We deal with 60 different types of incidents.

Watchcon communicates through:

  • Radio
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Phone
  • Whats app

Watchcon monitors LPR

We are alerted to suspicious vehicles or vehicles linked to a crime entering Hout Bay and we in turn make SAPS, SSPs and responders aware. We are able to then track these vehicle, SAPS would stop and arrest if need be.

Watchcon works with the all community patrols.

We work with community patrols and responders in all areas. We have found these eyes and ears are invaluable to the fight against crime. Community patrols include:

  • HBNW patrols
  • Beach patrols
  • First responders community members
  • IY Patrollers

Watchon takes

  • Over 1000 calls a month
  • Monitors 61 community Whatsapp groups
  • Monitors upwards of 300 Whatsapp per day, upwards of 9300 Whatsapp`s a month

Watchcon is on every single Whatsapp group so when there is a call for help in a specific area, we react immediately. Watchcon is also on those groups so that we can coordinate help be it from a water pipe to a lost cat to a call for crime.

Watchcon works with Fire and rescue:

With over 100 fires a year in Hout Bay, we need a strong working relationship with Fire and Rescue. Many areas in Hout bay are gated private gates, or Sandparks gates. This wastes valuable time when seconds count. We try to make life easier for these heros by giving them access to keys to gates or making sure gates are open before they arrive.

Watchcon has crime reports:

We have built a custom system where we log every incident reported to Watchcon, this enables us to pull exact data. This information is gold!

Watchcon works with the City of Cape Town

  • Roads
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Potholes
  • Metro
  • Law enforcement

Watchcon works with camera networks:

There is no central hub where cameras are fed, each area does its own thing, so

Watchcon provides a link to each area of Hout Bay to bring their cameras to be monitored, we are working hard with over 70 different groups to bring all feeds to one place.

Watchcon using technology to make reporting and asking for help easier:

We have worked with an international company to create an App that is used for pinpointing people that needs help.

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Our Team

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