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    Security Assesment

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    Would you like JJ to complete a full security assessment of your property? This includes:
    • Checking of existing alarm system
    • Inspect perimeter of property and advising on what measures to put in place to improve
    • Inspection of inner/outer parameter and inside of house itself.
    • Plan of action to best protect oneself/ procedure of what to do encase of emergency.
    If so, please make payment of R350 and we will be in touch to confirm a time.
  • ccp-security-consulting

    Security Consulting

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    This includes:
    • Determining weak points in neighbourhood
    • Discussing layers of security
    • Criminal patterns and behaviours
    • What to do in an emergency
    • Complete assessment of camera set-up
    If you already are a contributor, the assessment will be free! If you are not a contributor, please make payment of R1500 and we will be in touch to confirm a time.